‘Whats New’ The Weekly High Street Top 10 Hotlist #3

Published January 26, 2012 by Sam Lam
Here’s your third dose of the Weekly High Street…. This week features some favourites from the online stores as well as the high street. Features my latest lustful goodies. I have also included some items which will see you through season to season and also some new season trends!

 Trying to keep it short and sweet…. So Enjoy!

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Fashion Lookbooks – New Year, New Season, New Trends = New You

Published January 16, 2012 by Sam Lam
As we all wave goodbye to the hardships and the laughs which 2011 brought us. January is a month of optimistic resolutions, making promises and hope. We optimistically say we will go gym every week, promise that we will save more money and hope that we will all have a better year than the last. In the world of fashion, things aren’t any different, resolutions are made to improve, innovate and excite. Promise to grow and thrive, whilst hoping that people will remain interested and involved. No matter who or where you are from we all feel the same about the beginning of the year, we all have the January blues. But here’s something to majorly cheer you up…

Every season fashion houses, brands and stores send out lookbooks showcasing trends, product ranges; basically all major lust-worthy shoes, bags, clothes… EVERYTHING! I have managed to get my fashion-addict hands on 10 lookbooks and thought I would share them with you.

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‘Whats New’ The Weekly High Street Top 10 Hotlist – Beauty Edition

Published January 8, 2012 by Sam Lam


I haven’t posted a Weekly High Street Top 10 Hotlist for a while now… so instead of moaning and telling excuses I have a special beauty edition for you…

Similar to the fashion hotlist I have had a look online and picked 10 products I have either tried or loved or I really want to try out and am I’m seriously lusting over. I have discovered that not only have I got a passion for fashion but I now am completely and utterly obsessed with beauty products too… Make-up! Nails! Skincare! Eyelashes! Everything… I love it all!!

With the beauty industry, whether it is premium branded makeup or from your local chemist, it is difficult to see new products that will WOW you or make a huge difference to your routine. People tend to buy a product and if they like it they continue buying it. Whereas fashion I guess seems more inter-changeable, a jumper is a jumper but can come in different designs. Beauty can also be somewhat different in certain ways but not as much. Mostly it claims to be different or have certain advantages yet we will never really know until we try it out…


As we wave ‘buy’ to Christmas, It’s that time again… it’s the SALES!!!

Published December 28, 2011 by Sam Lam

Elbows ready… claws out… fast trotting footwear on!! Everyone is out in full-force today hitting the sales with high hopes that we will all grab a bargain and have the best pick from the sale. Adrenaline hits an all time high as we all get excited for that bag we been lusting at half the retail price or for that really expensive pair of shoes we could not justify spending half our wage on yet in the sale anything and everything is at arms reach and the slashed prices make it that much easier to spend spend spend.

Sale Mania!!

Everyone loves a sale especially boxing day, whether you are a fashion crazed shopper or a through and through bargain hunter today is the day where we come together and fight for the bargains. A sale in general has its good and bad points; I mean everyone loves a bargain but the painstaking waiting for the checkout, or the pushing and shoving is it really worth it?

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Making Changes…. loveclothesshopping.co.uk

Published December 10, 2011 by Sam Lam

I first came across this website on Twitter (follow me tweetie baby… @SamLam_89). They are a website which is relatively new I’m guessing and really needs to increase their exposure. Because once I actually discovered it I think the thought behind the website is AMAZING!! Something we all need in our lives.

www.loveclothesshopping.co.uk aim to change the way you shop. They have a ‘Shape Calculator’ on their website which means we don’t need to wait for Gok Wan to tell us what shape we are. Then they style you according to what shape you are with clothes that are available on the high street. They also have ‘Offers’ on the website which keeps you up to date with all the latest discounts available on the high street, a ‘Fashion Tips’ section which teaches you how to dress for your shape and how to pull off the latest trends.

Read on for my thoughts on this innovative website and also my shape calculator and styling results:

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StylistPick: Cheryl Cole Collection

Published December 6, 2011 by Sam Lam

Stylist Pick is an online subscription shopping website… read more in my previous blog post about this new epidemic here: https://samlam89.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/a-new-epidemic-subscription-shopping-my-thoughts/

Stylist Pick today have launched a new Cheryl Cole Collection. All pieces have been designed with Cheryl Cole’s input. Stylist Pick and Cheryl Cole have created a range of pieces, mostly heels and some flat boots which are suited to Cheryl Cole’s style. We can see that the shoes have been designed with her style in mind as the heels are very glamorous and a definite statement shoe, whereas the boots are plain and great for winter but the little details remind me of Cheryl Cole and her ‘army’ style featured in the music videos and in the press. We see a mix of styles coming together… some girly and glam, some plain and simple but all with little details where we can see Cheryl Cole’s personality. The only downfall is the price, it’s really quite expensive. Shoes range from £79.90 – £119.85, now I understand that they are using real leather and good quality materials but I don’t love them enough to be spending that much money on them…. but that’s just me personally.

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My Eye Make-Up Journey and Product Rave: NAKED pallette

Published December 5, 2011 by Sam Lam


Everyone has a make up story so here’s my journey through discovering the wonders of eye makeup.
Urban Decay are a beauty brand who are famous for their broad range of extremely pigmented colours and glitters and also face and eye makeup  primers. There are a lot of blogs and video raves about Urban Decay palettes and their primers. Having small eyes and virtually no eye lids I never was a big fan of eyeshadow.. just an eyeliner addict. But here’s my thoughts…

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